Spring Creek Counseling Association (SCCA) is a chapter of the Texas Counseling Association (TCA), a branch of the American Counseling Association (ACA).

Strategic Directions and Specific Strategies

  1. Expanding Leadership Opportunities
    1. Engage Volunteers
      Activity- Initiate contact for new meeting attendees and list in newsletter
      Activity- Create and distribute new member packets
      Activity- “SCCA Needs You” forms distributed at each meeting
    2. Create Purposeful Mentoring
      Activity- Board members mentor new members.
  1. Optimizing Resources
    1. Maximize Technology
      Activity- Email TCA members and LPC’s in geographical region.
      Activity- Create and maintain Facebook page and website.
    2. Stay on Target
      Activity- Align TCA and chapter strategic plan
    3. Re-align Committee Structures
      Activity- Increase communication between committee and officers
  1. Collaborating to Strengthen the Association
    1. Build Trust and Harmony
      Activity- Icebreakers and networking at each meeting.
      Activity- Increase communication between membership committee and President-Elect
    2. Maintain a Sound Organizational Structure
      Activity- Ensure consistency and quality at each meeting and in all communication (i.e. Spring Creek Counseling Association “A Chapter of Texas Counseling Association”)